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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Samsung-tab2 (low priced tablet)

The market of Tablet is raising fastly.In this rising market every company trying to launch low and lowest price tablets. Samsung launched Tab2 tablet in market, 7inch long this tablet’s price is in market will be $350 (Rs17,266)the global launch of Samsung tab2 will be in on month march. In India this tablet will available from April. Samsung Tab2 will available in India with 3G two version wi-fi and wy-f-i.Its prossecer will be Dual Core with 1GH.The thickness of this tablet is 10.16 mm and its weight is only 340g. the battery of Samsung Tab2 is really excellent it can works 39 hours in stand by mode. Except these it has Bluetooth, micro sd card slot and dual camera.
In the Indian market the marketing of low priced tablet is increasing highly, and after the Aakash tablet the craze of tablet increased in human beings, but there are so many disadvantages of Aakash tablet that’s why other company want the benefits of it.

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