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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Windows 8 Tablet coming soon

 Microsoft is bringing a new Tablet that is windows 8 Tablet .Now Microsoft announced the hardware requirement of window 8 Tablet. Windows 8 Tablet placed in original Windows phone 7 gadget. It offered 10 GB free Memory space for you.  windows 8 Tablet has a slimy look. In this tablet has some new technologies are added these are- light sensor, Magnetometer , Accelerometer  & Gyroscope.
The hardware requirement for Window 8 tablet is given below :-

Buttons   :- In Windows 8 tablet the hardware buttons for power, Rotation lock, Window     key, Volume up, Volume down, Screen Touch point: 5.
Display       :- In Windows 8 tablet pixel resolution is 1366x768 at depth of 32 bits.
Storage capacity :- In Windows 8 tablet 10 GB free space offered for the user.
Camera      :-  capable of shooting 720p video or better.
Sensors      -  In Windows 8 tablet Light sensor, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Gyroscope.
Bluetooth  :- Yes, Bluetooth 4.0 here.

USB 2.0 is in Windows 8 tablet.
WLAN is also available in Window 8 tablet.

It may also mean that Windows 8 PCs will be expensive  than android tablet..................

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