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Monday, February 6, 2012


Now a days  iPhone, iPad Touch, iPads, Macbooks  we always hear and found in market . but do you think about iwatch. ADR studio released its new concept iwatch2. Through this concept the apple users control Apple devices right their own wrist. It has 32 GB hard Drive. In this hard drive you can store your images, audios, videos and others things. It has a front-facing camera and a very cute mini LCD projector, Bluetooth is also available in this product.
iWatch2 is a second generation wrist-wear  watch that is compatible with iOS and contains good features. It has a front-facing camera together with a mini LCD projector, Facetime and it can be connected wirelessly to iPhone or iPad. Not only that, it has a 32-GB hard drive wherein you can store your pictures, music and videos.
So what  you are thinking  about this new concept? It can really be usable with the iCloud feature of Apple wherein it connects all your iDevices and just control all those gadgets in your own wrist through Siri or Bluetooth. Isn’t it amazing? But as of now, this is still a concept and has not been in reality but I guess it will give Apple a great idea on their next gadget to be released in the market.

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